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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   

The star football player was flunking math
and was about to be dropped from the team.
The coach was interceding:
"Look, we need Sam for the team.
Give him one more chance, OK?"
The math teacher replied,
"Ok, Ok! Johnnie,
answer this one question right,
and you'll pass math.
What is 5 times 5?"
"25," replied Johnnie.
"Come on, Give him just one more chance!"
begged the coach.

Someone had been fishing with dynamite
and the local game warden
had an out-of-town game warden
come in for a sting operation.
The undercover game warden looked around
and finally arranged a fishing trip
with the suspect.
Sure enough, when they had gone several miles
the suspect pulled out a stick of dynamite
lit it, and threw it into the water.
The undercover officer said,
"Don't you know that is illegal?"
The fisherman calmly lit another stick
and handed it to the officer, saying,
"Are you going to just sit there and talk
or are you going to fish?"

This place requires
no physcial fitness program.
Everybody gets enough exercise
Jumping to conclusions,
Flying off the handle,
Running down the boss,
Stabbing friends in the back,
Dodging responsibility, and
Pushing their luck!

From my ebook, They All Laughed At Me When I Said That I Was Going to Write A Joke Book. Download this book free at

©John E. Russell 1993-2004