Truth Power Articles

". . .and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32, NIV)

1 The Tenth Commandment
2 The "Gold Is Bad" Myth
3 The First Commandment
4 Angels
5 A Christian's Responsibility Today
6 The Antichrist
7 Love
8 The Rich Man and Lazarus
9 The Unforgiving Servant
10 The Fifth Commandment
11 The Seventh Commandment
12 The Wheat and Weeds
13 The Eighth Commandment
14 Fulfilling the Law of Christ
15 Holding Death in My Arms
16 When God Takes the Church's Temperature
17 Educated in the School of Hard Knocks
18 The Confession of Sin
19 A Faithful Servant
20 Strangers in the Land and Pilgrims on the Earth
21 Labor Day
22 May the Grainery Fall on Your Head
23 Victory in the Village of the Alligators
24 Going Back to Prison
25 Should the Book of Ecclesiastes Be in the Bible?
26 The Fourth Commandment
27 Fatherhood
28 Life Is Just A Minute
29 The Armor of God
30 The Joy of Suffering? It's in the Book!
31 We Will Go Yonder and Worship
32 Resolutions and Christian Resolve
33 Satan's Modus Operandi
34 I Believe in the Virgin
35 ABORTION: The American Holocaust
36 Justification
37 The Biblical Definition of Faith
38 Listening to God
39 Do Atheists Exist?
40 No Product No Service No Way!
41 The Military and Homosexuality Issue
42 The Logical End of Materialistic Evolution
43 Stealth Homophobes
44 Cancer Cures Smoking
45 The "Lack of Natural Resources" Myth
46 The "Pornography Is Harmless" Myth
47 Maximum Sex
48 The "Separation of Church and State" Myth
49 Bibliology
50 How to Receive the Peace of God