Religion & Politics

"Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities. . . ." (Romans 13:1, NIV)

1 The "Star Trek" Myth
2 How Hitler took Austria
4 ´╗┐Gaslighting
5 The Law of the Sea Treaty
6 The Declaration Of Independence
7 Constitution Of The United States
8 How to Receive Free Publications
9 The "Speed Kills" Myth
10 The "Symbol = Reality" Myth
11 The "We Aren't in a Religious War" Myth
12 The "Races" Myth
13 The "Public Schools Do Not Promote Religion" Myth
14 The "Pornography Is Harmless" Myth
15 Nothing
16 The Myth of the Age
17 Jesus Christ Changes Prisoners' Lives
18 The "Higher Taxe$ Are Better" Myth
19 The "All Fundamentalists Are Bad" Myth
20 What Is Freedom?
21 The "Feminists Are Helping Women" Myth
22 The "Drug Addict Is Incurable" Myth
23 Devaluing of Life in the USA
24 The "No One Deserves To Die" Myth
25 The "Society Is to Blame" Myth
26 The "Big Cities Are Good" Myth
27 Make Crime Legal
28 Communism
29 A Case Against Homosexual Practice
30 The "Separation of Church and State" Myth
31 The Overpopulation Myth
32 Legislating Morality
33 The "Public Broadcasting Is Good" Myth
34 The "Income Tax Is Good" Myth
35 The "Our Constitution Is Outdated" Myth
36 A Solution to the Gun Control Problem
37 Christian and Government Responsibilities Concerning Education
38 The "Planned Parenthood" Myth
39 The "A Family Is Anything" Myth
40 Bibliology
41 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
42 The "Atomic Bomb" Myth