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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   

Roger Nash Baldwin(1884-1981), along with others, founded the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 1920. He served as the director of the ACLU. Baldwin visited Russia and also published a collection of revolutionary pamphlets written by Russian anarchist Prince Pyotr Alekseyevich Kropotkin. Prince Pyotr Alekseyevich Kropotkin was an anarchistic Communist.

1. The ACLU is Libertarianism on steroids. It is a curious mixture of Marxism and Anarchism:

Anarchism [is a] religious and political theory that is opposed to all forms of government [Italics mine]. Anarchists believe that the highest attainment of humanity is the freedom of individuals to express themselves, unhindered by any form of repression or control from without. They hold that the perfection of humanity will not be attained until all government is abolished and each individual is left absolutely free. .... Persons who profess or advocate anarchism are denied admission to the United States by a federal law enacted in 1902.
Microsoft® Encarta® Encyclopedia 2002

2. According to a federal law enacted in 1902, anarchists cannot immigrate to the United States. Therefore, anarchists cannot enter and those who are here must be deported.

Is the abolition of government the "freedom" that the ACLU promotes? This is illogical. To have no government means a hostile nation takeover and the complete loss of freedom, loss of lives and loss of property. (See Amendments 5 and Fourteen.)

3. It is also Marxist, with the goal of almost absolute freedom. Marxism is presented as a form of atheism. Note that Karl Marx, PhD stated in his later years, "I am not a Marxist." If the founder renounced his own godless ideology, why do Marx' followers not renounce it? Richard Wurmbrand, a pastor who was imprisoned and tortured for fourteen years in Communist Romania, presents evidence that Karl Marx, PhD, was not an atheist, but an apostate Christian who became a Satanist!

4. It is anti-Christian. The ACLU declares its support for abortion, child pornography, homosexual practice and the abolition of Christianity.

5. The ACLU presents itself as a protector of our citizens' rights. It is using lawsuits to fund itself and further its agenda. If left unhindered, the ACLU would destroy our nation. The ACLU is evil.

6. Therefore, the ACLU in the United States must be abolished and its members deported.

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