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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   

Legalize Drugs

Isn't it logical? Get rid of organized crime's control of drugs by legalizing drugs. It worked with alcohol--there are no more alcohol problems! (Alcohol is the number one drug problem in the United States of America, costing us 115 billion dollars annually, plus all the human suffering and death!) It would work with other drugs, wouldn't it? And why stop with legalizing drugs?

Legalize Stealing

Why not legalize theft? As a test, we could start with a body that makes laws. First, the body would have to make itself immune to the laws it passes. (The Contract with America changed this.) Then, it would exact more money from taxpayers than it needed to govern. The tax rate would be increased so gradually that the public would not be aware of it--the old frog-in-the-boiling water trick.

Print more Federal Notes. Then the dollar is devalued, reducing the buying power of all citizens. In 1913, two cents had the buying power of today's dollar. This  is a stealth tax and taxation without our permission.

Then they would hide many taxes which would be passed on to consumers. For instance, there are 47 hidden taxes in the price of a loaf of bread! STEALth taxes!

Then add lotteries and excessive regulations to extort more money. Plunder for power!

Then permit excessive payments in law suits--the old "Robin Hood" mentality. Not many poor or middle class people would object, since they would be the payees! (Or would they be the payers?)

Next, establish a graduated income tax instead of a flat rate--another twist on the Robin Hood idea. Notice the word, "Hood?" Don't we want to get rid of hoods? Or, do we want to become hoods? Of course, the graduated income tax makes the rich pay more, doesn't it? (Or, do the rich, who are generally "smarter than the average bear," and rather "bullish" about it, pay more taxes? Or do they know and help design the loopholes?)

In reality, the middle class is saddled with the tax burden. Ain't legalized theft wonderful?

Legalize Lying

Why not legalize lying? After all, isn't everyone doing it? Perjury is hard to prove anyway. And we all get a good laugh out of advertisements that, well, really lie. In fact, commercials are sometimes better entertainment than the regular TV programming! I would not imply that TV programming conveys lies and teaches lying--don't infer that!

Legalize Prostitution

And if we legalize prostitution, the government can take the place of the Mafia. Government pimps would rake in the cash for the government and our taxes could be reduced!? Our sons and daughters would take the required courses in college: Pimping 101 and Prostitution 101. The poor Mafia will be out of business in this area. NOTE: Quite a few years back, the IRS seized a house of prostitution for past taxes and ran it for awhile!

Legalize Pornography

Pornography destroys the family. It is also tied to organized crime. Support your poor old local syndicate.

Legalize Promiscuity

We have already legalized adultery, a giant step forward in the evolution of mankind. And our sanctified media is busy educating the next generation in the fine art of extramarital and perverted sex. Government education has jumped on the bandwagon with its propaganda: "Everybody is doing it! Here, have a condom--have safe sex!" By invoking the powerful peer pressure weapon, we have lowered the fear of AIDS and other STD so that another barrier to fornication is removed. It is clear to all that abstinence is bad! Never mind that the term "safe sex" is an oxymoron, just go ahead and lie to the kids. It is a good example of a bad example and teaches--by example--them to lie!

Legalize Sodomy

The next step to legalizing crime is to take the law of sodomy off the books. It is one of the select sins and crimes that the PC elite are not enforcing. Let's hear it from the PC amen corner! President Clinton did all he could to legitimize homosexuality. President Obama is trying to top Clinton in spreading homosexuality, disease and death. Hoorah for AIDS! Let's spread it faster and reduce the world population--there are too many people in the world, anyhow. (A lie--see Essay 58.)

Apparently sodomy was off the books in Congress, along with statutory rape. Representative Gerry Studds (D-MA), who openly admitted his homosexuality in 1983, was officially censured by the House for seducing a 16-year-old male page and for propositioning two more minor pages. Was this paragon of virtue tried in a court of law? Was he sentenced to prison for sodomy and statutory rape? No! Studds was rewarded by being placed as Chairman of the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, which also oversees the Coast Guard. While in this position of power, he blocked Gary Bauer from speaking at a Coast Guard prayer breakfast.

Barney Frank was probably the most influential homosexual in the federal government. Massachusetts elected him by a 52% margin in 1980 and has kept him in office to 2013. His father was a criminal and a corrupted Jew. Barney Frank has pushed for the legalization of destructive homosexual practice. He also has made financial blunders. He likes to murder babies. He is in favor of medical marijuana, which is considered a gateway drug for hard drugs like heroin. He and Dr. Ron Paul support online gambling.

Folks, the inmates are running the asylum!

PS:  I am very sorry that my prediction has come true. Congress has made consentual sodomy legal. Nevermind that 38 states had criminalized sodomy. Our congratulations to the US Supreme Court made self-sex marrige legal--another nail in the casket of the United States. Not only was sodomy legalized, the looney left is pushing it and the oxymoron "Transgenderism."

Legalize Murder

Then, we could legalize murder. However, this would have to be introduced gradually. Our society could not take this in large doses. Don't be so obvious as to kill Jews, as we are "onto the Nazi thing." Start with something "innocent" like a D & C on a female patient who is "ill." If a human embryo is scraped from the womb, who is going to tell--the mother, the doctor, the father? Then, in order to stop the illegal use of coat hangers and back-alley abortions, make abortions legal, since people are going to have them anyway. You're catching on, now. Begin murdering those who cannot resist! So far, we have murdered  60 million helpless and innocent humans in the womb since 1973. The total known deaths as a result of WWII was 57 million people! Since 1980, 1.3 billion babies have been aborted. Not counting infanticide and euthanasia, we have murdered more human beings than Hitler and the Axis powers caused in WWII! Hitler murdered 6 million Jews and 7 million Gentiles in WWII!

We were murdering newborns in the 1970s. Unwanted newborns are kept sedated and dehydrate/starve to death [See Paul Ramsey, Ethics at the Edges of Life: Medical and Legal Intersections (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1978), 189-227].

We have been killing our elderly for some time. The elderly are being put out of their misery (or is it our misery?) by skillful neglect or prescription drug overdose. 

Hitler murdered the handicapped and other "useless eaters." According to Kitty Werthmann, Obama is using Hitler's playbook. Obama appointed a lawyer to a political office who was successful in helping murder Terri Schiavo, who was not in a vegetative state. Her family would have take care of her, but her husband Michael, who had fathered two children by another woman, wanted her dead. 

Then, we will be ready for the next giant step: turning on another class of people. Using the techniques of Paul Joseph Goebbels, who wrote Nazi propaganda for Das Reich, a popular German newspaper, the public can be slowly indoctrinated into a favorable PC position for murdering a whole new class of people! Christians are in the sociopathic socialist crosshairs.

Isn't this wonderful? We're making crime legal! Get your resumes ready, dear Mafiosi--you're going to have to look for another job!

And, Oh! Another item that should have been included earlier: the moral basis of civil and criminal law must be removed before any of this can happen. The highest court in the land would have to remove the Ten Commandments and the Bible from school, so there would be no moral standards left for the next generation. Then, the government schools would indoctrinate students with a new radical social agenda instead of teaching students basic academic skills and instilling character! We are almost there!

The scriptures must no longer be accepted in a court of law, as this would discourage current PC fads, and hinder the devolution of Homo Sapiens. It would certainly interfere with many lifestyles and personal conveniences.

NOTE: A bonus for the liberal politicians--Making crime legal would also reduce the crime rate to 0 percent! Then, we could save money by doing away with all law enforcement!

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