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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   

Ben Carson was the victim of a broken home, poor, black, and raised in the inner city. His mother guided him into responsible living, and along with the help of some good male role models that he chose, he has done very well.

His academic journey began as a young innercity kid who had poor grades. From there he began a marvelous transformation that brought him through prestigious Yale University and the University of Michigan Medical School. [Ben Carson, M.D., Gifted Hands (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 1990), p. 234.]

Ben Carson, MD, retired as one of the world's leading pediatric neurosurgeons. Read his extraordinary books, Gifted Hands, Think Big, The Big Picture, One Nation and America the Beautiful. The key to his success is revealed in them. And the key for the success of today's children enmeshed in similar circumstances is there for the reading! He is an excellent role model for youth today!

Dr. Carson lives what he preaches. He offers this sound counsel:

Remaining a victim of circumstances is a state of being that we choose, a choice that [1] allows us to blame other people [2] lets us blame circumstances [3] permits us to avoid responsibility for our lives [4] encourages us to feel sorry for ourselves, and [5] guarantees that we will stay victims. No one has to be a victim!" (Ben Carson, M.D., Think Big(Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan Publishing House, 1992), p. 248]. 

Someone will say, "But I have been discriminated against, and hurt!" Who hasn't? Sometimes, the word "hurt" is a euphemism for "mad." Ok, you're angry. You can express that anger in constructive activity and help yourself, or you can express that anger in destructive activity and hurt others and yourself.

You can choose to forgive those who hurt you, whether or not they deserve it. Or, you can let that anger turn to hatred and bitterness and destroy your inner being. Have you suffered as much as Jesus? Or, even as much as George Washington Carver? Carver speaks these words of wisdom:

I will not allow any man to reduce my soul to the level of hatred. 

The co-called progressive war on poverty has produced angry young people who believe the lie that the govenment owes them money, free healthcare and an apology. The United States Constitution
(Amendments 5 and 14) states that government owes every citizen protection the of his

  1. Life
  2. Liberty and
  3. property.

Any citizen can be success in the United States with that protection!

God made us with the ability to choose. We can choose to

  1. Accept Christ or reject Him.
  2. Love or to hate people.
  3. Work or be lazy.
  4. Build or destroy.

There consequences to our decisions. May we make the right decisions.

Read and digest Ben Carson's books! 

Essay 12, from my ebook, Essays Exposing the Myths of Political Correctness. 

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