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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   

The answer is right under our noses. We are blind to the obvious. We have rejected the cure. The cure for drug addiction will also prevent drug addiction.

The Teen Challenge [drug treatment program] is probably the most effective rehabilitation program I've ever seen, exclaims Catherine Hess, MD. Dr. Hess was the former Assistant Chief of the Cancer Control Program of the USPHS Public Health Service. In addition, she started New York's methadone program. She also headed a HEW study of Teen Challenge, the results of which were published in 1975. The study revealed that a phenomenal 86 percent of Teen Challenge graduates were drug free seven years after completing the program! (For an excellent article on the success of Teen Challenge, see David Manuel, "Teen Challenge: Conquering Drugs," The Saturday Evening Post, December 1987. Reprints are available).

The federal drug-rehabilitation center at Lexington, Kentucky was closed because its cure rate was only about 4 percent. What is the key? The attempt by secular government failed. The key is to have someone stronger than the drug stronghold. Jesus of Nazareth is the key—when He comes in the human heart, the bondage of drugs is broken!

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