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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   


Feminists are truly helping women! Or, are they? The only good thing that has come out of the feminist movement that I can see is that a few inequalities have been raised to national consciousness and this should help women.

However, former Congresswoman Pat Schroeder, NOW and other destructive groups have exposed women to new dangers. For instance, some couples who want a baby boy will abort (murder) preborn females. The mother who aborts her baby will suffer guilt, probably the most painful human experience. Guilt works on all levels of consciousness: 1) conscious, 2) preconscious and 3) unconscious levels. It is possible to suffer guilt generated on the unconscious level after values have been rationalized away on the conscious level!

If some feminists have their way, young women will be placed in combat roles and die. In my professional military opinion, women are not qualified for this role, which places them and their fellow soldiers at greater risk. Also, it is not morally right to mobilize young mothers and take them from their children. I observed the anguish on a mother's face as she left for Operation Desert Storm without her baby.

Ms. Patricia Ireland, President of NOW, openly acknowledges that she is a lesbian. Some role model for children!

Homosexuals in places of leadership place our young children at risk of becoming sexually malconditioned. Families will be weakened. Older women and men will prey on children. Pedophiles and homosexuals tend toward younger sex objects.

Children need their mothers. Feminists push to have mothers in the work force, which hinders mothers from giving love, discipline and training essential for the correct development of their children. Big government proponents become strange bedfellows with feminists in this endeavor. These tax and spend proponents need the money from working mothers to implement a failed social agenda and to get more power. Working mothers are pulled apart inside. Our traditional mothers suffer. It should be noted that traditional fathers work, not just for themselves, but for their wives, daughters and sons!

Women today have more opportunities and are more sexually "liberated." But, they have more abortions, more STD (sexually-transmitted diseases), more guilt, and more suffering. They are more likely to be raped, and more likely to be poor. Are women more happy? No! Most long for the past (55 percent) while only a few (17 percent) are content with the present. (Gary Bauer, Our Journey Home. Dallas: Word Publishing, 1992, p. 35).

The so-called feminist movement has made life more dangerous and miserable for women.

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