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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   

There are many races. There are automobile races, boat races, horse races, dog races, arms races and old-fashioned foot races. But there is only one human race. This is both biblically and scientifically sound.

The simplest anthropological classification of mankind is (1) Caucasoid, (2) Mongoloid, and (3) Negroid. Interestingly, dark-skinned people from India are classified as caucasian. Basically, people are the same and it is difficult to classify people in racial sub-groups.

Pride can attach itself to insignificant physical features. Physical features such as differences of skin color and facial characteristics can serve as excuses to express hatred toward other groups. Another basis of foolish pride is family origin. One friend stated that "Some of my ancestors may have hung from their necks, but none hung from their tails!" Another friend announced, "Shake any family tree and a few nuts will fall out!" We all have some skeletons in the old family closets, don't we?

What is prejudice? One of my favorite professors defined it as, "The in-group against the out-group." Some groups that are singled out are: the deaf, the blind, the physically or mentally handicapped. Others targeted by hate groups are those who have a different skin color, those who may believe differently, those who speak a different language, those who think differently, those who are young, old, sick, the unborn, those who are of a lower or higher social order, those who are rich or poor, men or women, ex-convicts, practicing homosexuals and former practicing homosexuals.

Hatred can destroy both the one who hates as well as the one hated. Some with political and monetary aspirations have fanned the fires of racism and hatred for personal profit. Racialism has also reared its ugly head, helping keep racism alive. George Washington Carver said it well:

I will not allow anyone to reduce my soul to the level of hatred.

It is not correct to call someone prejudiced or a bigot who condemns criminal or immoral acts. Adultery, sodomy, lying, murder, stealing and slander are immoral and often are illegal. To claim status as a minority because one is immoral or a lawbreaker is to compound one's guilt as a liar. Get mad at me if it helps you squarely face the truth.

God loves you and so do I!


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