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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   


Many believe that promiscuous sex is the way to maximum pleasure. We are sold this bill of goods from TV, pulp magazines, "sophisticated" slick magazines, professionals and peers.

But what is the truth?

First, let us examine the consequences of following a life of promiscuous sex. There is the constant threat of contracting STD. Some diseases like HIV are incurable. HIV I and HIV II probably will end in a slow, painful death. If pregnancy results, then there is a chance of the baby being infected.

If pregnancy occurs, and abortion is elected, several things can happen. If either the father or mother believe that abortion is murder, guilt will result. Moral values are held on the conscious, preconscious and unconscious levels and guilt will result from a violated conscience.  It is possible to rationalized away sin on the conscious and preconscious levels and still have guild on the unconscious level. Also, if there is any question about abortion being wrong, and the mother murders her unborn baby, guilt will result. Psychiatrist Rodriguez, at a Kansas state mental hospital, related to several of us students enrolled in a short course there about twenty-five years ago that guilt is the worse pain a human being can experience. There is the possibility of damage to the woman's reproductive organs. A friend sustained physical damage from an abortion. She is now a pro-life activist.

Fear is the ever-present companion of the sexually active person. There is fear of STD. There is the fear of pregnancy. There is the fear of being discovered. There is the fear of being hurt or killed by a jealous spouse or family member.

If a spouse had a life of premarital sex, a seed of doubt is planted: "Since my spouse was promiscuous before marriage, will he or she change now that we are married?" There also will be comparisons of the spouse with former partners. Or, one spouse may feel as though he were competing with former partners.

On the other hand, if a couple have saved themselves for a lifetime mate, the story is different. Faithfulness cancels fear. They can enjoy each other as total persons.

According to Gary Bauer, this includes long-term better sex! 

Taken from Essay 2,
Essays Exposing the Myths of Political Correctness

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