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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   

The idea that we are going to run out of energy or food in the near future is incorrect. God commanded us to populate the world and to subdue and care for it. "With his commandment comes his enablement" (Dr. Mendell Taylor).

As W. C. Fields might have said,

Use your brain—
It's the little things
in life that count!

We must be doing that, because we are making land more productive through agricultural science, and we are improving livestock and increasing their number. We have not scratched the surface for food production from the ocean.

We are solving fuel and energy problems. We are producing vehicles that pollute less and are more fuel efficient. About twenty years ago, someone built a superinsulated house in the U S northeast for about the same cost as a normal frame house—it was heated one whole winter for 138 dollars!

The Maya and Inca civilizations, along with Greek and Roman civilizations, were not destroyed because of a lack of natural resources. They were destroyed because they exchanged biblical truth for lies in order to devote themselves to perverted pleasure.

Joseph, in the book of Genesis, was considered an expendable human being by his brothers, but God gave him the understanding to save Egypt and his brothers during a seven-year drought.

How many of the 45 million aborted babies whom we have considered expendable may have been destined to discover unique new sources of food and energy?

(This essay was based on the classic work of Bill Gothard and used by permission.)


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