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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   

Of course we believe in evolution, in natural selection, in the survival of the fittest! Who wouldn't in this fine age of enlightenment? Mankind is moving toward becoming a more perfect being.

Since man is becoming better and better, he will eventually become so improved that he will begin to overcome obstacles earlier thought impossible. Place a man on the moon? Impossible! Transfer a human voice or picture over a wire or through the air? Impossible! Not only is space travel possible, but mathematically, time travel is also. Actually, time travel occurs to some limited degree when one moves in relationship to another person. It would become more obvious as one approaches the speed of light. But it is impossible to travel at or near the speed of light! Is it? Is it possible to travel faster than 186,000 miles per second—the speed of light? How fast is matter traveling away from us near the known limits of our expanding universe?

Some say that we live in the third dimension. That is, we have length, depth and height. Others would add another dimension and call it motion, placing us in the fourth dimension. Mathematically, there is a strong argument for dimensions below and above us. A single point in space could be assigned the name of the zero dimension. That point, extended in a straight line to infinity in two opposite directions could be named the first dimension. That line, extended sideways on a single plane to infinity in two directions, could be assigned the name, second dimension. That plane, extended to infinity perpendicular to itself in two directions, could be called the third dimension. Movement within that dimension could be labeled the fourth dimension. By mathematical extrapolation, there could be a fifth dimension, a sixth, etc. Just how many dimensions are there? If our universe is infinite, could there be an infinite number of other worlds or dimensions, each being infinite in scope? It boggles the mind to think of not just infinity squared or cubed, but infinity to the infinith power!

Human experience indicates that some happenings cannot be explained by fourth dimensional theories—there appears to exist what we have traditionally have called spirit beings. Could angels live in other dimensions and observe us without our being able to observe them?

There is an aspect about human beings that is spiritual. Could man be a spirit who possesses a soul (intellect and emotions) and lives in a body? If so, we are already partially living in another higher dimension!

If evolution is true, and man is developing on an ever increasingly higher level, he must begin conquering other universes or dimensions. He will probably start rather slowly at first in his precarious new adventure of exploring new dimensions. All inferior human forms that come into existence would prove ill-adapted and would not survive. Then, just as we have experienced a quantum leap in knowledge in our era, new discovery will cause knowledge to explode exponentially.

Since man will transcend the fourth dimension (time) in the future, he already has transcended time. Since man has transcended time, he has become something other than what we now understand as man. It is logical to postulate that since these new beings have transcended time, they have broken other dimensional barriers. In short, what started out as human beings have now evolved into trans-dimensional beings—beings now capable of living in many dimensions. These spirit beings have not only have mastered time travel, but dimensional travel as well. These beings would not fit our patterns of thinking—we could not define them. Terms such as "he," "she," "it" or even "they" would become meaningless. Singular or plural do not adequately describe the new beings.

Since evil is ill-adapted, the new beings would have evolved into morally pure beings. They would possess an intellect of a superior type that dwarfs ours. They have abilities and powers vastly transcending ours. They could be spoken of as either multiple beings or as a single entity. This being could be called Elohim, literally, "Gods" but meaning "God." A good descriptive term would be "One Who Exists," or YAHWEH, based on the Hebrew word "to be." The logical end of materialistic evolution is God.

Materialistic evolution is an adaptation of the philosophy of Hegel-Kant, which started with a (1) thesis, from which (2) an antithesis developed, interacted with the thesis and formed a (3) synthesis, which became the new and improved thesis.

Readers may recognize this "logical" argument as reductio ad absurdum, the reducing of the evolution myth to an absurdity.

Now, why do some hold to the theory of evolution so tightly? Could is be so that they will not have to answer to the Creator? Maybe there is a hidden agenda: they want to be their own god, rather than submit to the God of the Bible!

It is also rational that such a Being would be aware of our present human plight: wars, hunger, disease, hatred, and suffering. In order to help us, he would reveal himself to us. The best way to communicate his love and to help us would be to become another human being and visit us. Story sound familiar?

Read the book that is the final nail in the coffin of the theory of evolution: Michael J. Behe, Darwin's Black Box.

Essay 30, from my eBook, Essays Exposing the Myths of Political Correctness. 

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