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Written by Dr. John E. Russell Sr   

Essay 82

The "Gold Is Bad" Myth

     Gold! This intriguing yellow metal is described chemically as atomic number 79, having an atomic weight of 197.2 and represented by the symbol AU. It is almost indestructible. One ounce can be drawn into a wire five miles long or hammered into a sheet covering 100 square feet. It can be made so thin that it is transparent! All the gold ever mined would fit into a 21 meter cube. It is extremely rare and very valuable.

     The greedy are attracted to it like a magnet. Throughout human history, people have killed and been killed for it. Some let greed consume them until they become sociopathic monsters. 

     Yet, gold is amoral, meaning it does not have a moral nature. Human beings have a moral nature. When people make a decision having to do with right or wrong, they make either a moral (right) decision or an immoral (wrong) decision. 

     Gold is good. God created all things good:

God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. ....
Genesis 1:31, NIV

However, gold can be used for good or evil. 

     So, is it wrong to possess gold? It is wrong if it were acquired unethically. It is wrong if it is misused. It is right to posses gold if were acquired ethically and used to fulfill the Great Commission and to help people. 

     Is it wrong not to possess gold? It is wrong if one has the ability to gain wealth and is too lazy to work for it. It is wrong to lose gold or wealth by careless mishandling. If we have the means to learn about gold and wealth, we should apply ourselves and learn! 

     We find ourselves at a curious juncture in United States history. It appears to me that our present economic system is favorable for investing in gold. Gold keeps its value over a period of time. I am not an economist and do not have the credentials to recommend that you invest in gold. However, I suggest that you carefully study some authorities in the economic field. 

     A book that I recommend very highly is Terry Savage Talks Money: The Commonsense Guide to Money Matters, by Terry Savage (New York: Harper-Collins Publishers, 1990). She writes at length about gold and finances. The paperback costs only about 11 dollars. Buy it or request it from your public library. (Many of the facts in this essay are from her book.) 

     Another excellent book for personal finances is Financial Boot Camp; How to Avoid America's Fifteen Consumer Land Mines, by James L. Paris (Lake Mary, FL: Creation House, 1992). This paperback only costs about 10 dollars, and is worth much more. Read and heed! Oh, that this writer had read these two books thirty years ago and had planned more wisely!  See also Craig Smith,
Timeless Truth About Gold Special Report.

     Why were we taken off the gold standard awhile back? Why was it illegal to own gold? Will it become illegal in the near future?  See

     It is not politically correct to invest heavily in gold today. If Pat Robertson and Craig Smith are right, we may need gold in the near future! 

Essay 82, Essays Exposing the Myths of Political Correctness

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